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Navigate the complexities of the market with an AI powered analysis, designed to optimize your portfolio across key dimensions.

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Master Your Portfolio Diversification

Unlock the power of strategic diversification. The AI powered analysis assesses exposure across countries, sectors, currencies, and asset classes allowing you to maximize your investment potential, and reduce risks.

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Risk Insights at Your Fingertips

Understand and manage your exposure to diverse risks. The AI powered analysis categorizes your investments, from low market cap equities to derivatives and bonds, providing you with comprehensive insights for informed decision-making.

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The True Cost of Your Investments

Illuminate the often overlooked aspect of investing: fees. The AI powered analysis breaks down broker fees and implicit costs within your securities, offering a transparent view of your investment costs and helping you strategize for more efficient financial growth.

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Navigate the Economic Landscape

Adapt and thrive in an ever-changing economic environment. The AI powered analysis assesses how global macroeconomic shifts can influence your portfolio, offering insights that can help you to stay one step ahead in the market.

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Absolutely. We prioritize your data security and privacy. Your financial information is encrypted and securely stored. We do not use any information related to your person for the analysis.

No, the AI does not use your personal or financial data for training. The integrity and confidentiality of your data are of utmost importance to us. Your financial information is solely used to provide you with individual portfolio analysis and is never used to enhance or train the AI.

Not at all. The AI analysis is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to investors of all levels. It provides clear, actionable insights, making it easy for anyone to understand and apply the analysis to their investment strategy.

We recommend reviewing your portfolio analysis quarterly, or whenever there are significant changes in the market or your investment strategy. This ensures that your investment decisions are always based on the most current and comprehensive data.

The AI Portfolio Analysis evaluates your investment portfolio across four critical areas: Diversification, Risks, Fees, and Macroeconomic Factors. It uses artificial intelligence to provide insights on how well-diversified your investments are, identifies various risk factors, calculates both explicit and implicit fees, and highlights the potential impact of macroeconomic changes on your portfolio.