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In 2020, Raphael and Christian – our two founders – asked each other a question: What would a world of financially-independent people look like? The answer was getquin – a free and secure platform for all things investing.

With getquin you can track and analyze all your assets in one place and connect with a global community of investors. It’s quick, easy, and intuitive – the way portfolio tracking should be.

What started with just a handful of employees, quickly grew into a global network with tens of thousands of members, and the largest investment community in Europe.


All brokers and assets in one app

Add any asset to getquin and get deep insights into your portfolio – including country, sector and asset-class breakdowns. Whether real estate, art or commodities, or more traditional assets such as stocks and ETFs, you can track all your investments here.

To display your assets, you can import them manually, via PDF or using our secure Open Banking API.

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100% committed to our community

We're committed to making our community as accessible as possible, and that's why getquin is and will always be free in its core functions.

Our users are always at the center of our product development process, and we're happy to get any feedback that’ll help us create the best app for investors.

Thank you for being part of our journey.❤️


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