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QUIN is your fully digital, free investment advisor. We help you build and monitor a cost-efficient ETF-portfolio at the bank of your choice.

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You decide which bank you want to make your investment with. Link your account within seconds and optimise your investments easily and uncomplicated. QUIN never requires access to your money, you decide what to buy and at which bank. We are just your co-pilot.

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We help you build your individual ETF-portfolio, and this in just a couple of steps. If you desire, we select only sustainable investment products for you.

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At QUIN we believe that investing should be accessible to everyone, even if you want to start with an amount as little as €25. This is why we have decided to offer our basic features free of charge. We work exclusively with commission-free ETF's, meaning that we have zero conflicts of interest with our customers - QUIN's incentives are completely aligned with your own.


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At QUIN we want you to feel comfortable while investing, so we have put together a Blog for you, explaining everything you need to know to get started. Our goal is to empower you to take control of your investments.

Robo-advisors are automatized asset managers that usually only provide a “one-size-fits-all” solution. QUIN on the other hand is a software for investors who want to build and manage their portfolio themselves. Whether you have prior knowledge or are a first time investor, the app will be your co-pilot to assist you with your investments and the monitoring of those. With an asset manager you delegate all the decisions - with us you are the one who decides what services you want to use.
We address self-directed-investors who want to manage their money independently. In addition, this would mean that our customers would have to open a new account and the custodian bank would charge QUIN approx. 0.15 - 0.4 % on the managed assets. We would have to pass these costs on to our customers. How should we explain to our clients to exchange their free online custody account with no or minimal trading costs for a new custody account with up to 0.4% annual fees? If you don't have a cheap online custody account yet - our software will calculate the cheapest one for you.
You can transfer recommendations for action from the QUIN software to your bank with just one click. You then have to verify the transaction by entering your login data and a TAN. We will never receive your login information and at no time will we be able to trade without your consent.
By taking into account all the products available to our clients and their characteristics, as well as the costs of all the banks available. For example, if you want to invest in an ETF on the DAX, our algorithms calculate for each investor individually how much each available DAX ETF will likely cost in the future. If you already have a DAX ETF, we will of course take into account the costs for a shift in our calculations.
Of course we do. The QUIN software shows you the trading costs for every portfolio and every savings plan - for all supported banks. If you already have a bank, we take the expected trading costs at your bank into account when selecting products.
QUIN only recommends Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). ETFs are extremely cost-effective investment products with high diversification and liquidity that are ideally suited for private asset accumulation.
QUIN pursues a passive investment strategy. When calculating the asset allocation, we calculate the minimum and maximum achievable risk from a data set of all available products using a key figure that measures the average historical maximum losses per period (CVaR). Based on the current state of science, we then simulate future developments with thousands of scenarios and calculate the most efficient portfolio on average for each risk level. As the data basis for the calculations changes continuously, the asset allocations we recommend will also change (slightly) over time. However, this will not lead to a shift in ongoing portfolio monitoring.
Our basic features are free of any charge for you. We do earn a provision from the banks, if you open a brokerage account via our application. Other than that, we do not perceive any commissions from the ETF issuers on the products we advice. Our interests are always aligned with yours.

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