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Track stocks, ETFs, funds and add any alternative assets, such as real estate, angel investments, luxury collectibles, art and commodities.

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portfolio updates

  • Receive real-time price updates and monitor the performance of your portfolio via our stock tracker.
  • Get data on stock prices, market trends, news and analysis, and other relevant information.
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Enhanced stock insights

  • Identify opportunities, monitor investments and make informed decisions based on real-time data and analytics.
  • Gain advanced insights into your stock holdings through a detailed and interactive overview of the portfolio, including performance metrics, risk analysis and market trends.
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Invest better with our analysis tool

  • Access a comprehensive overview of your investments with our portfolio dashboard.
  • Get insights on your dividends, geography, industry and asset class distribution. Monitor key metrics with ease using a single dashboard.
  • Visualize your holdings with clear charts and use smart data analysis to invest better.
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A growing stock forum & community

  • Join our stock community and be part of a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about stocks.
  • Search for the stocks you are interested in and talk to others on dedicated stock forum pages.
  • Find alternative strategies, news, earnings and so much more. Share your investment knowledge now and become an active member of our community.
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Seamless. Fast. Secure.

Add your transactions manually or through a handy CSV upload. Whichever option you choose, we use bank-level security to protect your personal and financial data - and we never store it without your consent.

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Unlock the next level of investing.


Our stock tracker helps you to keep an overview of your portfolio by providing you with a centralized and up-to-date view of your investments. It offers such features as:

  • Real-time stock prices and market data.
  • Portfolio value and individual stock performance.
  • Dividend tracker and dividend calendar.
  • Customizable watchlists.
  • Historical stock price charts and financial data.
  • Alerts for price changes and other market events.

To see the performance for each stock, log in to your getquin account and go to the portfolio section. Click on the stock for which you want to view the performance. At the top you can see the performance in a chart on different timeframes. Below the chart you can switch the tab to “Details” and see some key metrics on the stock performance in your portfolio in the section “Portfolio”.

Log in to your getquin account, navigate to the portfolio section, select a stock and view its historical performance data in the chart. Below the chart you can switch the tab to “Details” and see some key metrics on the stock performance. To analyze the performance of stocks in your portfolio, go to the section “Portfolio”.

The getquin stock tracker allows you to see a wide range of key performance indicators (KPIs). Some common KPIs include:

  • Price - the current market price of the stock.
  • Revenue - the total revenue of the company in the respective year.
  • Free float - the number of shares in the market.
  • Dividend yield - the amount of dividends distributed in proportion to the stock price.
  • Market capitalization - the total value of the company's outstanding shares of stock.
  • EPS - the earnings per distributed share.

To find these KPIs, log in to your getquin account, navigate to the portfolio section and select a stock. Below the chart you can switch the tab to “Details” and see the KPIs of the stock in the section “Financials”.

Yes, our portfolio tracker allows you to create a watchlist. Open the app and select the assets you want to add to your watchlist. The app will display the assets you added in the tab “Watchlist” where you can monitor their performance and updates in real-time.

getquin offers a stock forum section where users can share their thoughts, opinions and insights on specific assets. In this section you can see what other community members say about an asset, view comments and engage in discussions with other investors.