Performance Tracker

  • Easily recognize your real portfolio performance
  • In-depth portfolio analysis in real-time
  • All assets, brokers and wallets in one app
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A central dashboard
with all data

Get an accurate overview of your portfolio performance on a single dashboard for your entire portfolio. With our intuitive tools, you can analyze your portfolio in detail, identify performance metrics, and find out which assets are performing best. All in one app.

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In-depth portfolio
performance analysis

Find out the detailed performance of your assets, visualize your investments in clear charts and adjust your portfolio based on data. In addition, your portfolio is structured by regions, industries and asset classes, and you can find all relevant key figures in a clear dashboard. Increase your portfolio performance and identify risks and opportunities at an early stage with getquin.

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Complete overview of your performance

Get a transparent overview of your costs, taxes and dividends, all with real-time data. See your actual portfolio performance with various return metrics and track your actual net assets.

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Accessible on all devices

You can access our app through any web browser or use our lightning-fast native iOS or Android app.

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Unlock the next level of investing


Yes, the portfolio tracker includes a community feature. You can get feedback on your portfolio by sharing it with the community on the feed. Other users can then view your portfolio and offer insights, opinions, and feedback. You can also participate in discussions and ask for advice from other experienced investors.

Yes, you can compare the growth rate of individual assets to market indices and other benchmarks to get a better understanding of their relative performance.

Your portfolio can be split by geography, industry and asset class distribution. Monitor key metrics with ease using a single dashboard.

Yes, the portfolio tracker of getquin is designed to be user-friendly for beginners while also offering advanced features for experienced investors.