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About Us

On a mission to help people manage their money themselves

At getquin we believe that investing and saving for the future is incredibly important. And we believe that way too few people are aware of this. Our mission is to bring more people to capital markets by providing them with all they need to successfully engage in investing. This includes information, education, transparency, and a radical new way of financial advisory.

getquin Co-founders
getquin Co-Founders Raphael Steil(l) and Christian Rokitta(r)

People need help when they invest

Regarding retirement savings and long-term investing, people simply need financial advice. Structuring your retirement savings is a big decision with an massive influence on your financial wellbeing. Tackling this requires incredible trust and commitment. We know that it takes time to transition from thinking about investing to actually making a transaction, and we want to be your trusted partner in this regard from the first minute onwards. Our mission is to provide you with a superior investment experience, from the first read till your retirement payouts.

Your money in the best hands - Yours

We want to make the access to capital markets as easy and convenient as possible, and we know that it is not easy for people to put their money into the hands of others.That’s why we decided to never touch any money at getquin and instead provide you with the necessary help and guidance along your way, enabling you to take care of your investments yourself. We dropped all unnecessary services and focus on what really counts: a reliable and trustworthy financial advisor.

Transparency and honesty

We know how relevant financial decisions are on the financial wellbeing of young people, and we see it as our responsibility in helping you take those right decisions. That’s why we want you to understand at any step of using our services, what we do and why we do it. We place huge importance on transparency, that’s why you will find full disclosure on all occurring costs and fees in every section of our app – and not only in the side-notes.Our business model was designed around monetizing from banks, so that we can offer you the basic required features of financial advisory free of any cost. It is time about that wealth management is made accessible again.

We know your problems

Both getquin Co-Founders have been working in the financial industry for their entire career. Both made their first ETF investments in their early twenties and both just felt how hard it is to do so, even when you are working in the industry. Since then both knew that they had to tackle this problem.

The getquin team talked to thousands of people to understand their problems and needs in order to build a product that would answer the needs of you and your peers.

Making investing a mass market thing

getquin is aiming to be the App for investing – whether you are a professional investor aggregating your multiple accounts in the getquin dashboard or a total beginner and want to make your first investment with getquin.We are convinced that a functional version had to be made available for free, to exclude no one!

getquin is on a mission to radically change financial advisory. And we are very happy for you to join us on our journey.

Signature of getquin Co-founders
Christian Rokitta & Raphael Steil