Every community has their own unwritten rules. Nevertheless, it is important to adhere to general principles of communication and respect. To ensure that getquin is and will always stay a place for everyone interested in investing and eager to learn, we put together a set of rules and guidelines to help everyone get the best experience possible.

We are all in this together - let's share our knowledge and encourage each other to act our best.

Our core community values



We at getquin want to ensure that the content on our feed and channels is genuine, honest and fits to our strong moral principles. To create an environment of trust and transparency between members, we believe in a high level of integrity in our network.



getquin wants to ensure a safe environment for all our users and encourage utmost respect when interacting. Our community was built for users to exchange ideas, knowledge, opinions and learn from each other respectively.



Protection of your personal data is our main priority. We take privacy extremely seriously, as without, getquin wouldn't be the platform it has become. That's why you can decide for yourself whether your profile is public - that is, visible to everyone - or private and therefore only visible to your friends.



getquin is the place where financial topics can be shared and discussed peacefully. Our core purpose is for users to be able to collect diverse information that can be used to enrich one’s knowledge of the markets and serves as a helping hand when it comes to improving once investment approach. That’s why staying relevant will help everybody to personally grow and thrive vigorously interacting on getquin.


What we want

Constructive exchange

Rigorous exchange of opinions and knowledge and positive attitude towards each and every user on the platform. With getquin you can post, comment, like, vote, discuss, learn, debate, support and connect with people around the world. We are all here for the same purpose. So let's stay polite and remain focused on our goal of investing successfully.

Relevant content

Make sure your content and contributions you share with the community are relevant and enables others to learn and succeed.

Open and secure user experience

We want an open and social experience on the platform, but treat it like its real life. Don't share personal information you wouldn't share with strangers in the physical world. A good rule of thumb: If you’re writing or sharing something you wouldn’t otherwise show your family, colleagues, or boss, don’t hit ‘Post’.


What we dont want

Disrespectful behaviour

Respect amongst all of our members is of utmost importance for us. We dont ask you to agree with everything other users say, but we ask you to be open and respectful. At getquin we take respect very seriously and inappropriate, disrespectful and abusive behaviour will not be tolerated in any way or form.

Hate speech and abuse

We are a modern company and try to think about the world of today and tomorrow. Hence, any racist, discriminatory, defamatory or sexist posts, content or comments will be removed immediately.

Advertising and false information

We don't want our users to post or share anything harmful to getquin or our users. This includes external links to other personal finance applications or advertising in any way or form. Hence, we dont tolerate anything that could be interpreted as spam.

By participating in the feed, you agree to

Make everybody feel welcome and included in our community. No-one should ever feel excluded on the basis of their: Race, religion, gender, gender identity, or gender expression, sexual orientation, age, disability or medical condition; or physical appearance. We want the people in our community to openly discuss topics, issues, markets, news, trades, etc., even if some disagree or have conflicting or alternative views. This is the very essence of finance, economics and politics that seldom see consensus and where sentiment moves the markets. We see these freedoms as imperatives for community building and for bringing the world of finance and investment closer together. Treat this like it’s real life. You wouldn’t give your key to a stranger, yet, you’d be trying to be open and social in the presence of anyone, right? So act here as you would in the physical world. Comment/post only what you’d say in public and protect your personal information, such as email addresses, telephone numbers or street addresses. Be responsible.

We don't tolerate

  • Inappropriate or objectionable content
  • Derogatory content in the form of text, photos or videos defamatory commentary, excessive profanity, extremist behaviour and hate/racism speech
  • Harassment or bullying in any kind
  • Threatening and harassing content or content advocating criminal, anti-social behaviour and illegal activities
  • Content that infringes third party rights, privacy rights or acts as offense against any law or regulation.
  • Irrelevant or misplaced guise a. Content that is irrelevant to markets, trading the markets, investing, financial economic or political news that move the markets, opinions, insights or commentary that leads to conversations around markets, instruments, trading strategies or techniques, and investment practices or overall sentiment and sharing of experiences. b. Non-value driven interaction or information c. Content that would mislead users in believing some fabricate.

Consequences of violating our guidelines!

We have a zero tolerance policy for all content that contains hate speech, content that targets an individual in a degrading or shameful way, content intended to blackmail or harass a person, unsolicited sexual advances, or repetitive unsolicited messages or behavior.

It is never OKAY to promote violence or attack someone because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or physical health or ability. In addition, we do not condone any support or praise for terrorism, organized crime or hate groups / speeches. If hate speech is spread to challenge or raise awareness, we can allow it to happen. In these cases we ask you to clearly state your intention.

Depending on the severity of the offence, getquin also reserves the right to block a user's account on Feed and/or edit/remove contents of users’ profiles (profile picture, cover photo, bio description, shared content on Global Feed) and/or their messages on getquin channels whenever community guidelines have been violated by the said user. Certain violations carry a “One strike and your out” policy. These are the following, but not limited to hate speech, racist, sexist or abusive language and actions within the platform.

Please inform us if you see anything that violated our guidelines as soon as possible - Don't hesitate to contact us. Just drop us an email via community@getquin.com or message us on Instagram or tag us on the post.

We want a fair and loving community. ❤️

If you ever have further questions, the team is always here for you, so feel free to give us a shout via email at: community@getquin.com