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A Comunidade Financeira Mais Ativa do Mundo

Junte-se a nossa forte comunidade de investimentos com 200K+ e troque conhecimentos com amigos.
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120 Moedas 170 Países

Palpites em ETF? Estocagem de ações? Crypto king?
Nós lhe damos cobertura.

Não importa o tema de investimento, temos um lugar para cada. Aprenda sobre os mercados financeiros, conecte-se com os colegas e tenha mais ágilidade sobre suas finanças, tudo em um ambiente comunitário divertido e interativo.

Existem diversaras formas de se conectar. Deixe sua paixão por investir ser uma delas.

Sejam memes, enquetes ou reações, facilitamos a interação com seus finfluencers favoritos e outros valiosos membros da comunidade de ações.

Acompanhe como outros investem e faça um benchmark de sua carteira.

Somos mais do que apenas uma rede social para investidores. Use nosso abrangente rastreador de portfólio para acompanhar suas ações, ETFs, ou crypto - tudo em um só lugar. E dê uma espiada em como seus amigos estão se saindo também!

A plataforma livre e segura escolhida por investidores em todo o mundo

Dividendenhai - Dividend Investor
Dividend Investor

"Você pode sincronizar a sua carteira e começar diretamente a acompanhá-la através do dashboard. Se ainda não tiver investimentos, pode até ter uma carteira ETF criada automaticamente!"

Dividente - Dividend Investor
Dividend Investor

"Eu posso controlar e analisar todas as minhas carteiras a partir de um unico aplicativo. Sempre que preciso de uma segunda opinião, consulto a comunidade de investidores."

Dividendenhai - Influencer para investidores de varejo
Influencer para investidores de varejo

"Este ano também tenho acompanhado as minhas 5 contas através do aplicativo getquin. Com um clique vejo gráficos, desempenho, notícias diárias e a interação com outros tornam esta aplicação realmente única em relação à concorrência."

Fique ágil. Torne-se social. Getquin.
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You're right to be skeptical. After all, there are so many investment platforms out there that are…well…meh. So here's a rundown of your perks at getquin.

- Engage with our 200K+ investment community, find like-minded people, and get feedback on your portfolio.
- Soak up some financial wisdom as you browse our daily content – from ETFs to stocks and crypto, we've got every topic covered.
- Get starstruck by our comprehensive portfolio tracker. If you're a numbers fan, this part is for you. We're talking portfolio analysis, total annualized returns, YTD, indices, and more! Aggregated in an easy-to-read interface with plenty of graphs and charts to keep you coming back.
Everyone should have access to basic financial knowledge – at least that's what we believe. That's why getquin is and always will be 100% free for our users.

And while we do plan to launch subscription models and other paid features for our die-hard fans, our core offering will forever remain accessible to anybody with an app store.
Your data security is our top priority and we treat it with the utmost confidentiality.

This means we'll never sell it to third parties and – because your data belongs solely to you – you can ask us to delete it permanently anytime.

All of the data you share with us will be stored on EU servers.
Short answer: All of them.
We have API integrations for most major platforms, such as Trade Republic, Comdirect, Scalable Capital, flatex, Coinbase, and Binance, which lets you update your portfolios dynamically.

For the ones where the API link is missing, we have a manual upload function.
All of them. At once. No limits.
Yes and no.

The default mode is “private”, but If you choose to share your portfolio with the community (and you can switch it back anytime), they'll be able to see the names of the stocks, crypto, or ETFs you buy.

However, they won't be able to see the exact amount of money you've invested into each position.
We offer API support for most German brokers, as well as Coinbase and Binance, and PDF uploads for the rest.

All you have to do is login to your account, import your transactions, and voila – you get a nifty overview of all of your money in one place.
Absolutely not.

Our finance community is open to anyone – from newbies to investment veterans – and everyone is welcome.

getquin is a great place to start your investing journey and learn about the stock market in a fun and interactive way – No obligations. No strings attached.

It works like any other social media platform and lets you engage with other users in a way that works for you.
Again – no.

If you're into code names, or are part of the secret service, feel free to make up a name that won't give your identity away.
We're 200K+ strong and we're growing every day!

Our community is also represented in 120+ different countries.
For one, we specialize exclusively on financial topics.

This means content on the financial markets, ETFs, crypto, and any other relevant news for that sector. This can be trending stocks, market evaluations, or finance memes. (Because finance memes are absolutely newsworthy).

We also give you a chance to share your portfolio with our community and discuss it with peers.

Not sure about your next move? Ask what your followers think.

Bored? Get some inspiration by browsing our latest updates.

Anything to help you manage your money better and become more confident about your investment portfolio.

What might come as a surprise is that we don’t offer verified user badges.

We’ve done this so that every creator has an equal chance to shine and nobody gets special treatment.
All power to you, quiny!

Of course you can.

Just like any other network, we have a follow function integrated into all accounts.

This means you can go out there, publish amazing content, and get rewarded with likes, shares, and fans.

We make it easier for you to grow by featuring the most popular posts at the top of our feed. This gives our best creators even more visibility.

And with our official getquin Creator Fund (@ccf), you can win amazing prizes if your content gets voted the best of the month.