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For an open and inclusive financial world

getquin was created in March 2020, with the mission to help investors not only to manage their investments but also to enable them to make informed investment decisions by offering a trusted platform to exchange with friends, family and verified investors. If you want to take your money into your own hands, then you are at the right place! Utilise our social network to get feedback and inspiration from a global community of investors, follow the strategies of your friends or use our tools to build your first portfolio from scratch.

getquin Co-founders
getquin Co-Founders Raphael Steil(l) and Christian Rokitta(r)

All assets in one place

All together is better than alone. Building an inclusive and open financial community requires an open platform where everyone can participate. This is why our platform supports any broker and it’s the user that decides how to connect his assets: manually, via our secure easy-to-use open banking API or via pdf drag-and-drop. Our institutional level portfolio monitoring gives you deep insights on all your connected assets, including country, sector and asset-class breakdowns.

Privacy first

Your personal financial data is highly sensitive - for this reason we put the protection of your data as our main priority. For this reason, everything you do in the getquin app, we can only see it under total anonymity of your person. Furthermore we do not sell any data to third parties, as the data belongs only to you and we want to keep it that way. Lastly, all data required for functional purposes is stored exclusively on German servers.

100% committed to our community

We want to make our community as accessible as possible for everyone, that’s getquin is and will always be free in its core functionalities. Our users are always in the center of our product development process and we are happy about every feedback we get to help create the best app for investors. Happy that you are part of this journey ❤️

Signature of getquin Co-founders
Christian Rokitta & Raphael Steil